The first guest of the LLN series is Will Grashoff, Founder & Managing Director of OX Seven.

He is also a member of one of our communities in the Lockdown Leadership Network groups, The Dinghy.

Will has been in business for a couple of years, he got funding and scaled up really quickly, and now runs independently.

Really interesting hearing the journey and strategy to adapt to the times, all while managing & running a great business.

John & Sara Gaughan, co-founders of Finlay James. This is the 3rd time John is our guest, first time talking growth in the US and abstractly, remote working - could that be the future? Ironically, today that is the norm. The second time we talked in the early days of Covid about being clever about the new business landscape, cutting costs, improving efficiency and vacancy management, and what to do to survive this period. He was right and we're glad to see each other on the other side. This time around we talk lessons learned and joint decision making with him and Sara, who's a Mental Health In Recruitment Champion.

Chris Atiyah from Engtal, a UK-owned recruitment business with offices in Chicago. Chris is from Pompey, but he's been out in Chicago for years. He got out there with Sthree, his career took off & got a great opportunity to work with Mark Znowski, and they've created a great recruitment company! Really fun getting to know Chris, he is part of our leadership community and has been a great contributor to the Bridge WhatsApp group. We talked a little bit about that, and a little bit about what it's like in America right now, Coronavirus, US election, and much more. It's always really inspirational when you see a young guy doing well and living his best life out in The States.

Del Williams, Sales Director at JSA Services. Del has come to talk to us about contract recruitment and IR35. If you're curious about some of the preparation you can do and solutions available, this is the episode to listen. He talks about being proactive and compliant ahead of time and how you can achieve that. JSA is also a founding member of the Lockdown Leadership Network and we're really happy to have them on board and contribute in our community of recruitment professionals. If you're interested in becoming a member of our IR35 group and participate in a relevant conversation with specialists on the subject drop us a message on LinkedIn.

Graham Ravenscroft, Lead Performance Coach at Gateway HR. Graham has an amazing career history, starting with the fact that he's got 30 years of athlete coaching and development, including the Olympics! In the last 7 years, he's been using his experience and skills to help individuals and teams to perform better and explore the extent of their own potential. Graham is an all-around knowledgeable man when it comes to leadership and how to use it to get the best out of your team. We talked about multiple aspects of how you can gain those few inches that make a big difference in our lives and businesses, how to identify the traits of a performant team, mentoring, and much more

This week on The LLN series of the Recruiter Startup Podcast we have Liam Thomas, the Co-founder at Highfield & Data X Connect, two companies specialized in global data centres, built environment and infrastructure Recruitment. We talked about the challenges of Covid, how to get your team to work towards the same goal & keeping people focused, what technology to use in your business to maximize your processes, and even some martial arts.

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