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We built a strong community united by purpose and vision, where Recruitment thought-leaders can share support, resources, experiences, and knowledge that will either help them build and scale further up or share best practices at the top level.

We have created an international ecosystem that is meant to bring real value to its members. As a member of our community, you will have exclusive access to special interest groups, events, and peer-to-peer learning whether you are a solopreneur, company Director/Owner, or a Vendor partner.  

Last but not least, we empower growth through technology. We provide a different type of platform that will allow you to build business relationships away from the traditional ‘buyer-vendor’ setup.




The Dinghy is our group of independent Recruiters and aspiring Recruitment entrepreneurs.


The Bridge group includes some of the best Enterprise Directors and Boutique Owners in the Recruitment industry.


The Bounty is our exclusive group of Leaders, Founders, and CEOs of companies that are now constituting the elite of Recruitment.


Our special group of Recruitment innovators that enhance, intermediate and sustain growth through revolutionary Technologies.

We united our communities by putting together like-minded people that can share knowledge and experiences from their journeys.

The Bounty, The Bridge, and The Dinghy are groups that unite different levels of Recruitment professionals who meet the same challenges and can help each other in getting better at getting profitable.

The Lighthouse is our special group of Recruitment innovators that enhance, intermediate, and sustain growth through revolutionary Technologies.

A community maintains authenticity and drives innovation. Join the movement.


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These are just a few of our Premium Partners & Event Sponsors that help us create the best experiences for our communities, including on-site Events, Webinars, Mastermind courses, Podcasts, etc.

If you're interested in becoming a Partner or Event Sponsor of the LLN community, write to us here.


“I was very pleasantly surprised at how everyone left their ego at the door and opened up and had a real conversation. I think that will only develop, it is a truly great experience that I take something from.”

Kylie Clark